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Custom Browser tool

We created a new tool that allows to quickly develop custom browsers based on a Chromium open source browser. The tool codename "Strontium" provides a range of branding and customization options and you retain the full control over the browser's functionality throughout the development process.

Adding your own branding to the browser

With Strontium you can brand Chromium with your own icon, name, description. You can also set it to use your search engine as a default search engine that can not be changed by user or any 3rd party tools.

Additional features

You can also extend your own browser's functionality by custom development of the following features:
  • Easily integrate your own extension (or extensions) into the browser. These extensions can not be deleted from your custom browser by any 3rd party tools or users. So you can make your own browser with your own set of extensions valuable for the users. It is also possible to prohibit installation of any additional plugins into your browser.
  • Since it is your own browser, you're not tied by policies of 3rd party browser add-on galleries, so you can, for example, integrate your browser with your own advertising platform or search engine without being afraid that Google will ban it from add-on gallery.
  • You can customize user interface of the browser in much wider range than it can be done with regular browser extensions.

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